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Americas Army

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Americas Army

Post  Tizzcdn on Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:08 am

Ok... I played this long before I ever came to Astonia, one of the best modern FREE fully multiplayer wargames out to date. Its an american army recruitment tool... but we just abuse the right to blow people up for shits and giggles.

Yes im currently back to playing this, yes it fucking rocks, yes i have xfire, Tizzcdn is my name Razz

SERE Training so you can use SpecForces weapons is probably the biggest bitch ever, but hey i did it last night, took me 2 shots and 23 min total run. IF you do download this game, and decide to try it out, when you get to SERE training, try it yourself first... then if you cant complete it, YOUTUBE IT Smile

btw Americas Army 3 is being Released on the 17th.
Tons of screenshots, stats etc etc about this game can be located @

btw, search Tizzcdn and -=DE=-Reaper if you visit the site for my stats Smile

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